Hamline Update

Good morning! Last night I finalized something I'd been thinking about for a while and officially withdrew from my Hamline MFA Creative Writing class. There's a long list of reasons that I don't really feel like typing out here.. but what matters is that I am significantly happier now that I ended what was becoming a big stress in my life. In fact, I venture to say, I am even happier than before I started the class because I learned things about myself in the whole process. I am looking forward to spending my free time working on photography projects, writing (for myself and the blog!), perhaps taking a low-key writing class at the Loft (in downtown Minneapolis), running (hopefully train for a few races), spending my weekends with Evan and friends, and of course updating my new Blog! Perhaps I'll post one of my recent poems later today... until then, aufwiedersehen!


  1. Good for you! Hope everything is going well - we'll have to get together sometime soon!

  2. ooohh...sounds good. savoring life is fun. i'm with you on that!


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