Hello, we have arrived!

I decided it was about time we get a little blog going documenting the activities and happenings of E & C Pierson, also known as the Piearsons, Evalyn, Carevan.. the list goes on. Right now Evan is cooking up an Egg C-Muffin as he likes to call it (since I don't like referring to a homemade snack with the word Mc in it!) and we are about to settle down for a relaxing evening - much needed. Evan is a busy high school chemistry and forensics teacher at Lakeville North, and spends his after-school hours coaching adaptive soccer. I am a copy editor contractor with Thomson Reuters  spending my days editing the ads, catalogs and websites in their creative department. I am also a student in Hamline's MFA program for creative writing so stay busy with that all weekend long (a little busier than I'd like to be actually). I've been missing my photography/website creativity outlet, and after visiting a few friends' blogs I decided to jump on board. So here we are! We are off to St. Olaf for all of the homecoming festivities tomorrow and to see sister Sarah of course. Hope to take some fun pictures I can post up here. Well, looks like my eggy is done, so I better run!


  1. Thanks Carolyn for starting your blog. I love to keep up on your activities. Hope the day at St. Olaf is fun!!

  2. yippee! glad you've joined the blogging world!

  3. cute cute! hope the homecoming at Olaf was a blast. sorry i missed it this year.


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