Wedding Album flipbook!

Our wedding album is almost done at Photo Book Press - I think it is at the printer right now! After that we have to fold and collate the pages, select a cover and some last minute things, and send it to the binder! I'm so excited to finally be done with this, and even more excited about how wonderful it looks! Ok, enough with the exclamation points already!
We now have a "flipbook" version of our book available online. You actually turn the pages by clicking and pulling at the upper right hand corner, pretty cool. Check it out! (Sorry the link doesn't work, you'll have to copy and paste it into a new browser... not sure why I can't paste the active link here...still figuring this out).

Question: I need your opinion. What should we do on the cover of our actual hard copy album? I want simple black leather as shown in the flipbook, and I like the font, but here is what we have yet to decide:
1- gold or silver text
2- if the date should appear as the modern looking "08.04.07" or as the traditional "August 4th, 2007"
3- if there should be anything on the binding (the side of the book) like the date again in either form or our names? As is there is just a small PhotobookPress logo there. Let me know what you think because I have a hard time making these types of small decisions, haha!


  1. WoW! super book -- can't wait to page thru it with you!!

  2. Q1: Gold; Q2: August 4th, 2007; Q3: "Carolyn and Evan, August 2007"

  3. thanks for the input! I think you had the same opinion as mom and the gparents.


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