Gearing up for Christmas!

Hello! Wow, I think this is the longest I have gone between blog entries. 
I am not one to push the Christmas season and usually roll my eyes when I see Christmas paraphernalia in stores before Thanksgiving hits. Although this still holds true and there is no way any Christmas decorations will light our walls and shelves before the turkey is gone, my excuse for lagging in the blogging department is that I have secretly been busy busy busy with Christmas prep projects! I am like the undercover Christmas enthusiast just waiting to burst forth. I just finished with 3 projects/gifts and am so excited to see the designated people open them! I like my projects, but I do have a tendency to overload myself... I feel like I always have 5 or more projects on all burners at once! But I guess that's what I love : )
We will be spending Thanksgiving with the Piersons and their extended family this year. After Turkey dinner with the grandparents Evan will help his dad milk cows and I will whip up some yummy cookies with the women! I hope to take some fun pictures that day... so look for those to come!
Well, I'm off to write our first Christmas card and figure out how to make a real gingerbread house -- I'll try not to turn on the Christmas music... yet!

Evan turns 25!

Evan's Birthday Flowers

The Birthday Boy!

Trying on his new shirt from Mama Sol!

Riley, Evan, Denny, Mary

Evan turned 25 on Monday November 3rd! Sunday evening the Piersons drove up for a celebration - we went out to dinner at Enjoy and then back to our place for gifts ... but we didn't eat the cake because we were all too full (and had received a free dessert at the restaurant)! If we had done the cake we would have realized that E is now into a double pack of bday candles! What a milestone! We'll just save those for my bday in a month!

Girls of Rand 220 Photos

To view all 79 photos of Sarah and her roommates taken earlier this fall, go to:

(just copy and paste it into a new browser page or tab as I can't figure out how to turn it into a direct link - sorry!)

The first link provides a better slideshow (quality of image) but the second is a little more fun. It just happens to distorts the images ever so slightly, turning them pixel-y. I'm pretty sure they'll look fine if you order prints, they just look poor on their website (or maybe my eyes are just too sensitive). If you view the slideshow, I recommend changing the settings to the fastest speed (under Options at the top), and making the background color black - it looks the best this way. Still trying to figure out the best (and cheapest) slideshow method to put directly in my blog... I'm almost there!

ps - whenever I figure out the best way to make a slideshow with music this is going to be accompanied by Free Falling by John Mayer... so if you have it, play it while viewing. It is one of the girls' favorites! Or play any other song you like... pictures are always better with music : )

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