Christmas Cookie Bake

Here are some pictures from our Pierson Cookie Bake held Thanksgiving Eve. It was a good thing we all had full bellies before the baking began! We made a total of 11 cookies/treats I think... I may have lost track! I don't think I have ever made so many cookies at once! Now we all have our stash of Christmas treats - I froze half so we can spread out the fun. What a fun tradition to begin! Hopefully we'll do it again next year! I think it would be fun to gather all the recipes and put them in a book somewhere so we can remember all that we did... and keep on adding to the list! YUM YUM! Here is what I remember:
1 - classic sugar cookies w/2 kinds of frosting
2 - krumkaka (Norwegian cookies)
3 - Russian Teacakes/Snowballs
4 - Peanut Butter Cup cookies
5 - Haystacks
6 - caramels
7 - (white) chocolate covered pretzels
8 - chocolate covered ritz peanut butter cracker sandwiches
9 - Pretzel, pecan, caramel clusters (I made up that name as I don't remember)
10 - gingerbread men
I feel like there were a few more! What am I forgetting?


  1. WOW! That is a ton of cookies. That's a nice tradition.

  2. Good DOF choice on the last one -- a little too sharp fall off on the first one (to my taste). Looks like you were scraping the ceiling on the one in the middle!

  3. I just heard today of a tradition some folks at church do. Each family bakes a whole bunch of one kind of cookie. Then they get together to "trade" -- each family ends up with a large assortment of cookies, but only had to make one kind!

  4. I agree with the DOF comment. I considered not putting the photo up for that very reason, but then I thought why not.. it is fun to see a full spread of cookies even if most of it is out of focus. See, I was taking these pretty quickly (I was busy with the cookie baking) so didn't take much time to think about technicalities.. something I should really focus on more (no pun intended! Ha!)

  5. I've heard of that cookie swap idea too. Sounds fun and rewarding (and filling) for a lot less work! But we had fun this way too. The people from church often times send out cookie packages to college students. Perhaps they assemble these with the same group swap method?


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