My Lucky Husband!

For Riley's 21st birthday last weekend (Nov 30) we drove to a small town called Flandreau right over the border into South Dakota. The attraction? A "cash tunnel" in the town's casino! If it is your birthday month you can stand in the glass cylinder and try grab as much cash as you can, fighting the wind - but you only have 20 seconds! It just so happened to also be Evan's birthday month so he got to participate as well! There is $700 flying around the machine, and only 2 100-dollar bills, but Evan was lucky to grab one of them! Here is a picture of him concentrating on stuffing that 100-dollar bill into the box. (Sorry it is a bad picture... this is a polaroid the casino took since we weren't allowed to snap photos). Although it was a long drive, it was worth it. Besides spending some quality time with the Piersons, we got to meet up and visit with our good college friend Erin Mercer!


  1. my goodness that's so awesome. way to be adventurous too.

  2. How much did it cost to play the "game"? Quite a neat idea -- wonder why I've not seen that before?

  3. It was free! But it has to be your birthday month in order to play. I suppose they imagine they'll draw the birthday people in and then, after their big win, the birthday people will go spend all the won money on other casino activities. But E was smart and only played a little black jack, and then Sunday morning (instead of going to church!) we all did a little horse track gambling! Hahaha.


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