Thanksgiving festivities

We drove down to Evan's grandparents' in Goodhue, MN for Thanksgiving, joined by the rest of the immediate Piersons and some other extended relatives. After a wonderful meal we were tempted by the whipped cream to play this fun (and messy) little game! video video
Did you catch what happened in the second video? Beth (Evan's aunt, Mary's sister) hit her whipped cream to the ceiling, and Mary's landed in Beth's hand! Hahaha, they couldn't have planned it better!


  1. What an amazing moment (the whipped cream ceiling stick and alley loop pass! This will live on for years, like "white things, what white things, we don't have any white things", and "I like big cheese".

  2. Yes, I love these little funny family moments! Hmm, I wonder where that big cheese clip is... I don't think I have it on my computer. That would be a good one for me to add to my blog and then link to the Pierson clips!


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