Here is a montage I created from the photos I took February 2008 (mentioned in post below). It was a frigid day (much like every other day in Minnesota!) so it was a challenge just to steady the camera and press the shutter without shaking. But I ventured out into the snow-blown fields at the Pierson farm with the only companion daring enough to accompany me: Kate, the beautiful golden retriever. Together we were witness to the intricate patterns chiseled into the lonely snowscape. Close up, the delicate blue ridges could pass for mountains with deep chasms and shadows. But we weren't alone out there - we spied other signs of life! Notice the bird print who's delicate pattern was left undisturbed by the passing wind? Or the frail flowering stalks, somehow bracing the cold, insistent on the promise of spring? What a fun little backyard photo safari I had that afternoon on the farm.

PS -- Click on the montage for a larger view so you can see all the details and patterns.


  1. carolyn you're so "dog"gone good with that camera. beautiful pics that capture details that we miss because we don't take the time to stop and admire them. thanks- dennis

  2. putting them together like that makes a strong impression. You might mention in the post that clicking on the picture brings it up full-size -- much nicer to enjoy that way. dad


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