Waiting for the Thaw

I was just going through my inbox of photos waiting to be edited and came across a collection that I shot LAST February (baaad Carolyn). But now I am glad I waited this long to edit them, because seeing these images of the frozen tundra that was Minnesota 2008 reminds me that this is just a cycle we are going through and of course, as always, we will eventually thaw in 2009.

I am actually enjoying winter a lot more this year than in the past, and I attribute much of this to my newfound hobby: nordic skiing. This past Saturday we ventured up to the cities to spectate at a few of the Loppet events. I am not sure exactly what Loppet stands for, but I do know what we witnessed: crazy Minnesotan nordic skiers racing across Lake of the Isles led by their dogs! I wish we had seen some of the top finishers, who I imagine were well practiced and trained, moving forward as a united source of power and synchronized agility. But by the time we arrived the last batch of dog-owner tandems were just coming down the homestretch, and it seemed to me as though the dog provided more of a challenge to the skier than a source of horse...err dog power. Some dogs are made to run with sleighs across the arctic, others prefer to sniff other dogs and pull towards the excitement of the crowd. But it was great to see. Even the dogs who weren't quite cut out for the venture basked in the attention of this dog-geared day. And they sure looked proud to be part of a pack!

I am including a photo from February 2008 so you too can remember how you have endured, conquered, and perhaps even enjoyed winter before. Take time to revel in the beauty and patterns Old Man Winter so delicately creates!


  1. I do miss winter. And I do miss taking photos with my old Nikon. The post title and the photo are so poetically connected that they almost make me wait for the thaw as well.

    Great shot!

  2. I didn't know you had a Nikon! So do I! For this shot I was using my Nikon D70 (well, technically my dad's... I am borrowing it on an "extended loan", haha). Glad you enjoyed the photo... can you tell where I took it? It's not Brazil ; )

  3. i'm ready for something a bit warmer too...i would be happy if it was in the teens or 20s.

  4. Christine,

    I can give you some 30 degrees and I will still have 55 to play outside. It's yours to take. For free!


    Yes, I do have a much older Nikon F80 made in Japan. Although it's film, it has some nice features, including 3 metering modes - I like spot the best as I used to mostly take B&W. But it's been resting in some box for a long time. I will hopefully start clicking again once I'm finished with my PhD.

    As of the photo, hmmmmmm... I would say you took it on the farm, in the backyard. What kind of plant is that?


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