Evan and I spent a few days down at the farm right before Easter. When E went out to the barn to help with chores I decided to come along with camera in tow. Turns out cows are pretty good models! They typically just stand there so you don't have to worry about sudden motion and shutter speed issues, and they perk up with curiosity when my camera starts clicking away; ears perched forward, noses searching the breeze, beautiful eyelashes fanning my way. Here is a little montage I put together with the images I edited focusing on the particular shape of the bovine body and their trademark colors. Sapa Ska, which means black-and-white in a Native American language, is the name of the Pierson family farm in Lake City, Minnesota.

NOTE: Notice anything tricky about the photos? How you can't tell where parts of the cows start and where the backgrounds begin?

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  1. love it! so cute. i likee black and white. you could make a canvas print of this and hang it in your living room.


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