Evan's Choir Concert

Evan had his first concert as a bass in the Minnesota Valley Men's Chorale a few weeks ago. They sang a variety of sacred and secular pieces -- including an arrangement to Charles Dickens' poem Things That Never Die (now one of my favorite poems), and Randall Thompson's The Pasture (poem by Robert Frost) which my dad's choir is singing out in New Jersey sometime this spring! My dad is a tenor and Evan a bass, so they'll have to sing it together sometime. Mary and Denny (Evan's parents) drove up to hear him sing -- it was nice having company to sit with in the audience and I'm sure they enjoyed listening too. Here are a couple pictures we snapped (just on my little Sony) after the concert.

Proud Parents!

Me and my Choir Boy : )

I am testing out different ways to show video clips on the blog. Below you will find two methods: the one on the left was uploaded directly through Blogger and the one on the right was first uploaded to YouTube and then linked to the blog. Which one looks better? I think YouTube is the winner! Agreed? Note: it sounded much better live. My little camcorder can't quite capture the sound as well as our ears do... but this will give you a taste. The one on the left is "They Call the Wind Maria" and the other is "The Pasture" (mentioned in blurb above). Enjoy!



  1. Thanks for sharing the photos. Wish we could have been there too! MOM (Solveig)

  2. Glad you enjoyed them! I have some video I plan on uploading at some point... so stay tuned!

  3. I definitely think the YouTube version is better quality video...both sound nice of course. congrats to evan on his concert!

  4. For whatever reason, I my little computer the other version (not YouTube) sounded better. It could be the computer though, it is pretty old!

  5. Thank you for sharing this! The sound was better on the Blogger to me, but the picture was better on the You Tube. Hmmm..

    Great job Evan!


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