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These photos are from earlier this spring when we visited my relatives on Green Lake (Spricer, MN, near Wilmar) for Easter. We had a good time tossing eggs (our family tradition), competing in Ladder Toss (which E and I won!) and of course eating a tasty Easter feast! Here are two of my favorite photos from the weekend -- neither of which were posed. The first one is of Duane, my great uncle, who has lived on Green Lake for as long as I can remember. The other is of my Grandma Connie watching the ladder toss tournament through the window (it was freezing outside).

Can you tell how I came up with the title to this post? ; ) I particularly like the composition of the first photo... what do you think it says about the story within the photo? How is the character of the tree different in the second photo, and does this reflect on the story within that frame? To me these photos speak very strongly. What do you think? How do these photos speak to you?

Duane, on the shore of Green Lake

Grandma Connie


  1. I like your photos! I would have LOVED the first one if you'd gotten their feet and the tree's base in it, though :)

  2. Yes, I agree that the lack of feet and base of tree may draw the viewer's eye out of the frame - generally an undesirable trait in a photograph. However, I also like the way all edges of the frame are open: the water at the bottom of the frame is reflective of the sky at the top, and the sides too for that matter. This lets the two figures in the frame stand out in their parallel structure... more shapes and symbols than a man and tree. If I had shown the base of the scene it would have become just that: a scene, not a symbol. So good point - I appreciate the critique! It helps me think more about the decisions I make in my photos.


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