Kirsten Graduates!

Two weekends ago I was down in St. Louis celebrating the graduation of my sister Kirsten from Washington University -- yay for the new architect! I remember when she was little she often sat with our grandpa (also an architect) watching him work at his desk, and then at home, she had a protractor and other various archy supplies tucked safely in her own desk. When on long car trips (which happened annually as we drove to South Dakota from NJ -- a 3 or 4 day trip!) we often passed the time by drawing up dream floor plans; I usually focused on the window seat/reading nook in my bedroom while she sketched an entire house complete with the appropriate symbols that mark doorways, windows, etc. So this accomplishment has been a long way coming. Congratulations Kirsto -- glad I could celebrate with you! Below are a few photos from the festivities, but check out my shutterfly website to view more!

The Graduate!


  1. oh my gosh, i look so goofy in that gown!

  2. hahha, no you look very scholarly : )

  3. I love this photo Kirsten! MOM


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