Cannon Valley Trail Adventures

Evan and I ventured down to the Cannon Valley Trail over Memorial Day weekend for a butt-buster of a ride: 40 miles! Well, I know plenty of people who have completed more than that, but we both found 40 miles to be enough to make our butts hurt! We actually rode the same trail a few years ago on less adequate bikes, so now that we finally had our road bikes ready to go we were itching to try it again. It was a lot smoother this time, and we just flew over those paved trails along the Cannon Valley River from Cannon Falls to Red Wing, then back again. We rode right past Welch Ski Village -- the site of our wedding reception almost 2 years ago. Unfortunately no wedding was going on that day or else we would have had fun poking around ; ) Even with sore butts Evan was already talking about a bike ride the next weekend. Perhaps we'll check out the Stillwater trail one of these days. I grew up riding with my dad on the country roads of New Jersey (and for those of you who are wondering -- yes, there is country in NJ). But the roads in Minnesota are so much more open, flat, windy, and just less inspiring. So I imagine E and I will be hitting up many of the trails in the area instead. Here are a few pictures from our excursion:

                                 Camp Pearson???                                                          COWS!

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