House update

(Above montage includes photos from the first few weeks)

We've been busy working on the house... whew, can't wait for a day off tomorrow. We've crossed a whole slew of projects off our list this weekend, including some painting, screen-door installing, basement window installing, cleaning the dirtiest kitchen ever, and buying a new washer/dryer (so excited for our new energy-efficient front loader!). Well, we've done other stuff too, but those are the biggies I guess. Oh, we finally got our water turned on! YAY! So now we can clean our paint brushes on location and go to the bathroom! On Tuesday we are having a glass block window installed in our bathroom and after that we can begin tiling the walls. Hopefully we finish this project in time, otherwise we'll be showering at LA Fitness (our gym), haha. Enjoy the little recap video below!


Here are some other fun little videos (sorry they are sideways, I don't know how to fix that):

Soldering the shower pipes!
video video
That wasn't really the first time I turned on the water... more like the second. The first time I was really nervous the pipes weren't going to hold and the water came out all sputtering due to the air in the pipes. I was at the house by myself, so good thing I didn't end up with a watery mess!


  1. Love the videos....Keep them coming! Solveig

  2. I'd like to see Evan's soldering technique -- I could learn a thing or two! --John


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