We're Homeowners!

Yes, we bought a house! We are really excited to be living in south Minneapolis, just a few blocks south of the Minnehaha Creek (which runs east/west through the city, partially accompanied by a bike trail, ending at the Falls), a short bike ride away from Lake Harriet, on a nice residential street, but still close to the Southdale Mall area and Highway 62! We closed on the house on July 1st and only had time that day to do a little cleaning and some electrical work -- but we did manage to lock ourselves out!! Haha, yes we did. Thankfully our house proved to be quite break-in friendly - exactly what you want in a house, right?; the basement windows are already hanging from their hinges in such a way that they have landed themselves near the top of our fix-it list. Today was our first day of really working on the house. We are grateful for all the help from both the Piersons and another Pearson -- my dad! Instead of explaining the events of the day here, I'll let these guys fill ya in:


As mentioned in the video, we did find ourselves stranded at the house. Here's how it happened: Evan drove up to the house early this morning in our Focus. My dad and I came up later in his rental car. The Piersons drove up in their truck from Lake City. Later that afternoon we let Riley and Mary take our Focus so Riley could get to work (1.5 hours away in Lake City), forgetting I had come with my dad, who also left in the afternoon for his destination of Sioux Falls, SD (4 hours away). After finishing up on installing the front door, Denny took off for Lake City in his truck. It wasn't until some time later that we looked outside and realized there were no cars left!!! Hahhaa. So, in the past 3 days we have managed to get ourselves both lock out of and stranded at our new house. I hope this is some form of good luck! In case you were worried, we did manage to get home to our apartment in Apple Valley thanks to Tessa (E's other sister) who is now living in St. Paul. We are planning on fixing up the house a bit throughout July as we have our apartment until August 1. This will provide for a nice, easy move -- or so we hope!

Tomorrow is the 4th of July so we plan on taking it a bit easy. Although Evan still seems to have plans of installing basement windows? ... oh boy.

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  1. Loved the video! You'll have a little movie project if you take videos each day you work on the house. Could be fun Carolyn!



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