The Oberles

Here are a few photos I took of our good friends Marit and Tim earlier this fall. They are fellow St. Olaf '06 grads, got engaged the day after us, were married two weeks before us, and live 1.5 miles away from our new house in Minneapolis! Needless to say, we've enjoyed sharing in each others' lives, through dinner parties, coffee dates, cross country skiing outings, relaxing at the lake, and spontaneous pop-ins! They are wonderful friends and a fantastic couple (with the cutest house imaginable!). Here's a peak into the lives of the Oberles:

(I am still working out the kinks to incorporating a little logo with my photos, so please excuse any imperfections you may notice... like blurry and pixelated text. I also made a slideshow with a selection of some of my favorite photos and am in the process of figuring out how best to show that -- for free. So more updates may be coming soon!)

To view all of the photos from this shoot, check out my shutterfly site!

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  1. i really really like these pictures carolyn! nice job!!! so when are we gonna do the pierson pics?! im excited!


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