Bambi at the Farm

How does a cow end up with the name Bambi, you may ask? Being a descendent of Evan's original cow BonBon, this new calf had to have a name starting with the letter B (that is the naming scheme at SapaSka Farms). But what about the name Bambi is particularly fitting for this calf? Well, I can remember part of that childhood movie when Bambi's legs get tied up when he is skating across some ice. Later, Bambi's father stands above him in the forest, saying "Get up, Bambi, get up." You see, this new calf has some trouble untying those new legs and standing on its own two feet. When she was in the womb her front legs were twisted, causing severe weakness and instability in her front legs and wrists. Unlike most calves who walk within a few hours of their birth, this calf hobbles around on bent legs and spends the rest of her time lying down. Evan assured me they have seen this before at their farm and the calf will outgrow it -- she just needs time to strengthen her legs and wrists.
Evan and I visited the farm the other weekend to meet his new calf Bambi. What a cutie!



  1. Thanks -- looks like it was cold! Is it wrists or ankles?

  2. Well I was calling them ankles, but Evan refers to them as wrists, so.... I guess he knows best.

  3. On our farm we had fun with the calves and let them lick our hands but none of this sticking fingers in their mouths. Maybe that's a girl thing! Thanks for the video! G'ma H.

  4. Hahhaa... yea the calves could suck on your fingers forever it seems! Fun times, but you have to wash your hands afterwards!

    Evan has informed me this cow is now walking around like the best of them. No more ankle problems. Thata girl!

  5. Dick couldn't believe that a farm girl like me would make this comment; that I was so squeamish. What can I say??!! I led a sheltered life!
    G'ma H.


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