Driving a Tractor 101

Tractor chairs and compartments aren't really designed for two people.

But we decided to try it out anyway! Actually, we've been riding double in the tractor since our dating days, only then it was Evan behind the wheel. For some reason we just love those tractor rides. E even said he had considered proposing out there! (I think he was joking?) Here's a peak at my first tractor driving experience! (I meant to include this with my previous post)


Here's the infamous manure-spreading duo:

Our manly machine:

Out in the field about to start spreading manure:

Watch these smart ladies ... I am always impressed at how they remember where to go:



  1. Was that your 1st tractor driving experience? I love it out in the fields it is so peaceful. So much nature all around you.

  2. Yes, first driving experience (although I've ridden many times). Don't I look like a pro? Haha. I think I need to learn to keep my eyes on the road a little more ; )


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