Spontaneous Bathroom Tile Demolition

At first glance as you pass by our cozy bathroom you will probably be impressed by the glass tiles accenting the shower walls. If you've been witness to the hideous purple that used to adorn the surrounding walls, you will likely notice they are now dressed in a new shade of beige (technically "toasted wheat"). And if you pause for a moment with a critical eye you might get a chuckle over the shower head and water spout placement (let's just say we could have an NBA player over without a problem).

And if you pause to look at all that, you'll maybe -- just maybe -- forget to look down at the floor. At least that is our hope.

In recent weeks we've noticed a few critical pieces to our bathroom have suddenly decided to become uncooperative. First we have our toilet which is now gradually filling a small ice cream pail with water. Apparently this toilet is high maintenance -- it begs for attention with a constant drip-drip after every flush until we go in and manually shut her up. Nothing beats the double-flush quirk. But that isn't new. If you've been to our house perhaps you've realized that this crazy toilet will flush once, and then almost as an afterthought, it swallows up the water and flushes again. Although we like the looks of our vanity, we've noticed the base is a bit soggy in places -- and vanity shopping is fun! The laminate flooring has begun to peel up in places, and near the tub it is really quite soggy. We've always assumed we'd replace that floor at some point, but now that the toilet and vanity need to retire as well, we figure we might as well jump in.

And jump in we did. Sunday afternoon. Evan decided to peel up a tile just to see how easy it would be. Well, removing the first layer of flooring went relatively smoothly. It was only once we realized there was another older layer of flooring below, that we began to face problems. After a trip to Home Depot and a new tile remover in hand, we went at it again, only to realize the flooring would not come up (even with the suggested warm water). Since it was 8pm we decided to cut our losses and cover the sticky green/yellow flooring with some cardboard. Which is how it sits right now... and will remain for a few weeks until we have time to get at it once more.

So if you come over to the Pierson house please admire our tiling work, our shower curtain, even the little rock collection. Just promise you won't look down : )


  1. Yeah, beware of asbestos. Best to cover up those old tiles if you can. A good product to use on those floors is actually a "fake" tile that you can peel and stick down. They're easy to cut with a razor, knife, or scissors, and once they're down you can grout in between them just like real tiles. Saves the headache and hassle of tile grout and cement board tile backing and looks/feels just as nice. In fact, they are actually a bit warmer in cold weather than "real" tiles get. Hope this helps. Have fun!
    Your Favorite Realtor,
    Joe Minnesota

  2. Thanks for the tip! Hey, the house across the street from us is for sale. If you got a buyer in there you could have two sales on Washburn Ave!


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