Mac is back!

I hope you all enjoyed Evan's first contribution to The Tales of E & C (see below). I know I sure did and am looking forward to many more entries to come!

I just thought I'd take a minute to update you all on the incredible adventures of my dear friend -- my Mac. You see, a couple of weeks ago, right about the time when I was beginning to edit Evan's variety show movie (which will be posted soon!), my hard drive died! Well, the Mac Geniuses will tell you it was corrupted, but to me my poor Mac was dead. I never realized before how much I value my time spent with this machine. It is not just my outlet to email and for social connections -- it is the hub of almost all of my favorite creative projects! I do have a notebook I carry with me to record spontaneous thoughts, I like to read, love cooking up new meals, and I could always decide to finish that wedding scrapbook I started two years ago.... it's not like I don't have other creative things to do. But my Mac is my neat and tidy "brain" wherein I bring it all together - wherein lies all my projects and ideas from the past few years.

You can imagine the panic I should have felt the moment I realized my mac was no more.

But I didn't panic. I didn't fret. I didn't even raise my pulse. For you see, when you have a geekster father like I do who instills in you the importance of regular Time Machine backups and sets you up with this "safety net", you have absolutely nothing to fear. My Mac was dead, he was dead as a doornail (catch the literary reference?!). But one new (and expensive) hard drive later, and I was able to perform my very own "brain transplant". It looked something like this:
... And voila! Everything from my old hard drive, including my files, photos, movies, emails - you name it - even my personal settings, were back on my computer as if nothing happened. If you have a Mac and aren't currently utilizing the Time Machine feature, I highly recommend you go get yourself an external hard drive (definitely worth the price) and set up your own "safety net".

After a couple weeks of R & R My Mac is back in the game! And so am I.

P.S. I appropriately tagged this photo "geekster". I realize it isn't normal to take photos of your computer screen as it performs "brain surgery". I just couldn't help myself. Quite the monumental moment for my Mac!

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