Evan takes the stage

You may remember a certain Johnny Cash performance last year... Well this year at the Lakeville North Staff Variety Show, Evan -- err, Mr. Pierson -- stepped it up a notch, dancing as part of a "boy band", jumping around the stage as a cheerleader, singing backups to "Use Someboday", and leading "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" to a crowd full of enthusiastic students. Unfortunately I arrived just a little late to capture quite all that, but below you'll enjoy a couple snippets from the night.

Note: Evan is the second from the right at the beginning as they sit in the desks. He does a little jump rope warm up, and then throughout the dance he is primarily in the front on the audience's right. Enjoy!


  1. I love it. I still can't believe this was done from a member of the non-social GP.

  2. Aw that was great! I'm not sure how I got to your blog, random blog browsing I guess, but I graduated form Lakeville 'way back' in 01, the staff variety show was always one of the greatest parts of the year. This was quite entertaining!

  3. Great, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Yes, the Variety Show sure is fun - I even enjoy it although I only know a few of the participants. I imagine the staff has changed quite a bit since your day? I graduated in '02 and can't believe how long ago that was already! I checked out your blog too -- what great photos! And I love the unique pencil illustrations too! Thanks for stopping by.


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