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Wow, I guess I've had a bit of a blog vacation... oops! I'm discovering that it's a lot easier to keep up with the blog in the winter time. These long days keep us outdoors working in the yard, going on walks, traveling to weddings and various family events, and just living life... so long story short, I have a ton of pictures but not a lot of time to blog about them! So here's a little overview of the recent adventures of E & C:

We've been busy replacing the old interior doors in our house with brand spankin new ones. We really only needed to replace the bathroom door (pretty warped and peeling), but since it's nice to keep everything cohesive and they only cost $20 a pop (well, minus the doorknobs and hinges), we decided to tackle all of them. You saw in an earlier post how we trimmed the doors down to size, but unfortunately the doorframes weren't perfectly square, so even after all of that we had to take the sander out and sand down edges to finally get the doors closed. We're done with the bathroom, office, and bedroom doors. All we have left now is the closets! It's a nice project because it doesn't really invade our living space too much; we can decide to tackle one door in a night and be done with it. I think we're really getting the hang of it now!

We've had visitors!

We're making progress in the yard!

Now for a photo hint to what we were up to celebrating the 4th last weekend -- full story to follow soon:

Any guesses on why these troopers had their shoes wrapped in plastic? I'm hoping to finish editing and creating a slideshow shortly, so stay tuned to find out!


  1. I've still got two doors to finish -- help me in August when you come out! But keep the drill square to the door when cutting the handle hole!

  2. Yea... looks like I wasn't holding it level. But it worked out fine. Looking forward to August!


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