Mr. P's Summer Job?

E and I were hoping to have the satisfaction of constructing our own fence this summer, but after coming across a great deal from some contractors, we decided to sit this one out. There'll be plenty of other things to construct, right? (deck, patio, etc).

Well, last night when I came home expecting to find some men working in our yard with Evan happily checking his sport scores and relaxing inside, you can imagine my surprise when I saw this through the window:

And this:
Looks like Mr. P has found a new summer job! Maybe I shouldn't have been too surprised; I know how he loves his house projects and learning new things - what better way than alongside the pros themselves! (of course he was just helping dig holes and measure the yard, not lay the cement or anything too intense... I think legally he can't do all that, and I don't want anyone thinking he was crossing any lines).

This is what the fence looks like right now:

The rest of the posts should be set tonight or tomorrow, and then the fence should be up within a week! Can't wait!


  1. GUYS! likin the new fence and posts you are putting up! woo!

  2. Looks great! I'll be able to see the finished fence over Labor Day...yeah!

  3. How deep did they set the posts?

  4. I forget... Not as deep as we would've done on our own, but as deep as Midwest Fence (a reputable company) digs them on a regular basis. Yea, we're a bit concerned about the frost level, but hoping we'll move out before the fence has problems... we got such a good deal with this fence we aren't complaining!


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