Adventures in Finland

"...We have joined the greatest of all communities, which is not that of man alone but of everything which shares with us the great adventure of being alive."
Joseph Wood Krutch
This past June my dad and I spent a weekend in Finland ... Finland, Minnesota, that is. My sister Karrin had just completed a year as a Student Naturalist at Wolf Ridge Environmental Learning Center, so it was a weekend filled with commencement celebrations, hiking and exploring, and fond farewells.

Below you'll find a little slideshow I put together of our weekend. If interested in hearing the story behind Karrin's photos with the canoe ... well, you better ask her ; )

You may notice some familiar scenes from our visits last August,

October (click link to see blog post); didn't make it to Marshall Mt. this trip,

and February (click link to see blog post).

And now in June (it was really foggy)!

My, how the landscape changes with the seasons!

As you will see, Wolf Ridge is a place where the word "adventure" is truly at home. I noticed it popping up in speeches, goodbyes, and casual conversations -- certainly these young naturalists have many more adventures in store for them.

(Once the video starts playing you can change it to higher resolution -- even HD if your computer can handle it!)

"It's a magical world, Hobbes, ol' buddy ... Let's go exploring!"


  1. you always do such a good job of capturing an event. Thanks!! It almost feels like I was there too.

  2. Carolyn,
    You have such a special gift! What an awesome job.

  3. Did Karrin get this link too? Maybe send it to her again. I think the wolf ridge friends might like it too!


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