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I have a little secret I'm going to share with you:

These two little items are my cold-battling weapons. Just last Monday I noticed I was starting to get a cold, so I whipped out these two items and put them to work. I still suffered from some cold symptoms, but for the most part, the brunt of my cold only lasted for TWO DAYS! By Thursday I was feeling fine:
scratchy throat? gone
stuffy head? what stuffy head?
persistent congestion? hasta la vista!

Propolis Echinacea is a throat spray and quite possibly the most disgusting thing I have tasted in my life. It has a really bitter taste that almost makes you gag at first, but by now I've actually gotten used to it. If you spray right at the onset of a scratchy throat you can wake up the next morning in tip-top shape. You can find it in health stores (such as WholeFoods) or online for around $10. Read more about it here and here.

NeilMed Sinus Rinse is basically the same as its more well known cousin, NeilMed: The Netty Pot. Except this new version is much easier and tidier to use. You fill the container with warm water, add the sinus rinse packet, and then shoot it up into your nose -- but make sure you're over the sink because the rinse (and any gross congestion) will run out the other nostril or mouth! My coworker has used the sinus rinse regularly for the last few years and says she's even noticed a decrease in allergy symptoms. It's worth a shot! And kind of fun in a gross sort of way .... Check it out here, and if you're really curious, watch this youtube video:

I know, a random topic to write a blog post on, but something that is a regular part of my life. I use the sinus rinse twice a day during allergy season or if I'm fighting a cold! And the throat spray I have ready to grab from the hall closet whenever I feel the onset of a scratchy throat.

Here's to staying healthy this winter!


  1. The first time I heard of this throat spray was when Karrin was in 8th grade and heading to Europe for 3 weeks with her Waldorf class. She was sick with a bad sore throat and I was worried. One of the adults going with said she'd take care of Karrin, and used the throat spray often. Karrin got better, and I found a new remedy for sore throats. I must say, it was hard to get you girls to use the spray much because of the taste, but I'm glad you are now happy with the results! Health and happiness to all this winter!

  2. I still like the fast and simple saltwater snuff method I learned from Grandpa Einar!. I was spooked for awhile watching the video as I had assumed you were doing the demonstration, and the person shares some resemblance to you!

  3. I know! She definitely looks like me, especially when her head is down ... Evan and I both saw the resemblance. That's one of the reasons why I used her demonstration. I wanted to see who would comment on that first!

    Yes the simple saltwater snuff works, but this way you don't have to guess on the amount of salt and it never stings/burns... but whatever works!

  4. Oh my gosh, I totally thought that was you in the video too! I haven't watched it yet though. That's just what I thought after seeing the picture. I'll go watch it now.

    Also, I was coming down with a sore throat earlier this week and used the throat spray immediately. What do you know? The next morning I woke up feeling just fine!

  5. carolyn..... you have yet ANOTHER sister??????

  6. Haha! ...yea, we've kept her hidden for a while ; )

  7. Ron loves his Neil nose cleaner outer. You know the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" - he kind of equates the Neil contraption with Windex...

  8. Haha, that's so funny! Yea, I totally swear by this thing too. I just recommended to someone at work today actually.


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