...it was a Monster Mash!

Happy Halloween from the Pierson house!
Why that's Waldo on the left and an arctic spelunker on the right, of course!
We've started picking out our costumes by giving ourselves 5 minutes in the closet the night of Oct 31... it's like a Halloween challenge! Last year this is what we came up with.

After enjoying some "witches stew" (while answering the door for trick-or-treaters of course)

taking a knife to one of our home-grown pumpkins! 
I went with a somewhat unconventional pattern this year ...

And whipping up some of Evan's special Apple Crisp (we have rivaling recipes!)
while listening to Monster Mash on repeat
We were finally ready for Halloween:


  1. good for you guys for getting into it! cute!

  2. Yes, it was fun. I bet you guys had a great Halloween with your little guy!


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