White Christmas

When I was little I always dreamed of the perfect white Christmas
 Living in New Jersey, that wasn't usually a reality
 But now that I'm a Minnesotan
I think all my Christmases will be white.


Favorite Christmas Memories from 2010
with the Piersons in Lake City, MN

Cross-country skiing with Evan out in the fields

Donning our Santa Hats and bringing Christmas gifts to the little calves out in the barn

 Receiving Christmas kisses in return!

Soaking up the magic of a stable on Christmas Eve
Spending time together
 as a family

 And enjoying the peace of Christmas.

And in the end....

not a creature was stirring
not even a mouse.



  1. Thanks Carolyn for making and sharing the Christmas memories! It made my day looking at the pictures and reading the story that you put with them. I am glad you and Evan could come down and what a beautiful time to come with the fresh snow.


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