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I {heart} my new Nikon D7000. Well, I shouldn't technically say "my camera" yet, as it is officially still my dad's. He bought this amazing SLR camera earlier this spring in anticipation of some photo shoots I had coming up (and because he wanted to play with it too, of course). My ol' Nikon D70 had become a bit unreliable in recent months, and I really needed a dependable camera to shoot my cousin's wedding in June. After some engagement shoots and then this recent wedding, I am in love. So I will be purchasing the lovely instrument from my dad : ) I also played around with flash for the first time and am decided that the extra hassle of fiddling with the flash/angle is well worth it for crisp, non-shadowy images.

Check out my photo blog for wedding pictures and a slideshow!

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  1. Cute article! but check the "angel" remark o copy-editor u! Bill Dwyer might be in the market for the D70.


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