Midnight Shopping Cart Madness

When we moved into our current house two years ago, we found a lone Target shopping cart parked in our garage. It was pushed in the back amidst a bunch of clutter and garbage (quite literally) that the previous owners had so generously left behind. I think it was being used to house a collection of old (and mostly dried up) paint cans at the time. We neglected this area of our property for quite some time, with the excuse that we were busy adding a shower and tiling the bathroom, ripping up old flooring, replacing interior doors, using heavy machinery, helping build a fence, laying a patio, expanding closets, and whipping up Swedish pancakes (just threw that last one in for fun - definitely not a house project, although I could stay pretty busy eating Swedish pancakes!). But after a spring cleaning frenzy when I took on the garage, I came upon our friend Target Cart and decided he had to go.

But where? I know we could've tried just putting him in the alleyway to see who snatches him up, or perhaps even the garbage men would round him up. But, really when it comes down to it, where does a Target cart belong? Well at Target of course! And what better way to keep a large piece of hard plastic from the landfills than by walking Target Cart back to his friendly red bulls-eye home! As Evan says, "it's my duty, just as it is when I enter any Target store and find an item miss-shelved, to return the product to where I got it from."

So that's precisely what Evan did. At around 11:15pm on a Friday night, if you happened to drive to the Target in our area, you would've seen my husband gallantly and quite jubilantly pushing his cart down the road.

Well, how about I just let you see for yourself! (Excuse the black frame a few seconds in ... I haven't quite mastered my FlipVideo and video-editing software. Any tips on how to make the resolution better?)

Anyone else out there dedicated to Target? How about returning lost carts? The funny thing is when I picked Evan up from Target at the end of his run and we were headed home, we spotted three more carts in the Walgreens parking lot! But we'll leave those for someone else ; )


  1. Tim appreciates you being brand ambassadors and I can't believe Evan actually did that!

  2. So funny! Especially since it was so late at night...good work Evan!

  3. very responsible of you! So how far was the walk?

  4. 1.3 miles. So not very far really ... but I guess maybe it is with a shopping cart? Also, I just guessed on the time at the end of the video ... that would give him a 17 or 18 min mile pace, which is pretty slow ... but then again with shopping cart in hand, maybe it isn't. Evan informed me one of the wheels liked going sideways, haha. I guess it wasn't made for the road! ; )


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