... And Then There Was Light

Although we were busy with kitchen renovation on the 4th of July, we did find time for some classic Fourth activities, like this:
Yes, I finally kidnapped Evan's iPhone and figured out how to do this Instagram thing. That is me, around 2pm when it was fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot outside, and I decided to plop down and slice up an ol' watermelon. If you can't beat the heat, join it, right? It felt good to actually prepare some food (if you count slicing a melon "preparing") since we are sans kitchen. Since it's just the two of us, I think I've since eaten my weight in watermelon. Later that evening we did venture out to some fireworks, which may be the cause of Evan's subsequent sleep-in and tardiness at the airport (didn't get up til 4:30 - oh no!). But it was fun. Albeit hot. We also did some dishwasher shopping and Ikea negotiation planning (scroll to the bottom of this post to see how that turned out!)

I'll fill ya in on some of the other projects going on around here, like the plumbing and venting work. Very crucial stuff, but the improvement I'm most excited to share is just HUGE, in my book.

Today, while I was sitting pretty away at work, the guys decided to let some light into the house. Here's the view when I walked through the door:

We now have a WINDOW in the kitchen!

Here's the view before the window was installed, via E's iPhone. Reminds me of looking out of some horse stables or something.

And to show you how much of an improvement this is, let's take a gander back at what the kitchen looked like less than a week ago:

What I didn't anticipate, was all the added light that comes streaming in, not only to the kitchen but the hallway as well! The window is facing west, so it won't always let in this much light. But on a summer evening it is perfectly golden.

And look - as Evan pointed out, parts of our house are being touched directly by sunlight for the first time!

Look at that beam. Just picture me (and Evan, achem..) doing dishes in front of that window, basking in all the light.

Here I am standing at the window looking back in. Evan had to call everyone and fill them in on the big news. (Actually, I think he's on the phone with my mom who's flight was cancelled on her way to Minnesota, boo.)

Now for a fun Before and After Progress photo. Well, technically it's a progress and progress photo since we're smack dab in the middle of the project. But you get the idea.

In case you were worried about our plan of attack against our former love, Ikea, rest assured we are happy campers now. 

Here's proof:

I'll probably fill ya in more when I post about the cabinets themselves, but in a nutshell: they're honoring the old prices! Remember in our last post when we got all heated? We didn't even have to make a big scene - no stomping on swedish meatballs or anything. I guess that's what happens when you talk to the right people. Yea, we're sorry Ikea. Looks like we'll have to eat our words swedish meatballs.

Read up on the first half of our kitchen renovation project: day 0day 1day 2day 3, day 4

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  1. I can't wait to see your kitchen-in-progress tonight!!! And maybe we can go get frozen yogurt at IKEA....Mmm, that picture of you with the two cones gave me a craving.


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