Winter Love

As if you needed a reminder, right?

Are you guys donning your winter garb and doing the eskimo like me these days? 

You know what they say: "there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing."

I'm a fan of winter weather. It adds a little adventure to our everyday lives (digging out the car, anyone?) and it makes me feel alive. Really, what a cool time of year. Most everything is dead or hibernating, the world is stripped to the bare essentials, yet we continue to walk about. We're an army of penguins determined to make it through. Even though the landscape is barren, it's quite the dramatic playing field.

Take this shot my sister texted me the other day from Alaska, for instance:

That haze you see is a common term in Alaska. It's called "ice fog." Makes you think twice before complaining about single digits, doesn't it?

Wanna know the trick to surviving the long, cold frigid winter? Apparently Alaskans like to fight away the winter blues by ... well ... 

Not sure if that's a testament to their sense of adventure or a sign the darkness is getting to them, but I was thoroughly impressed when my sister sent me that picture. On the coldest night of the year, the citizens of Alaska head to the outdoors (sans sauna) in their finest summer apparel and document this feat, usually in front of the University temperature sign. Such drama simply from being cold, and a great reminder to the lower 48 that sometimes the best way to endure winter is to embrace it.

Winter in Minnesota is quite balmy in comparison, but we try and find reasons to get outside and have fun. Here we are walking across Lake of the Isles last weekend after watching the Skijoring Loppet. Think dogs and cross-country skiing! If you watch the video (not mine) the race starts right around 1 minute. And I think at 3:24 you actually see my mom and her white hat!

I know many people are counting down the days until backyard bbqs and busy days in the garden (or at the beach!), but I am trying to savor these last weeks of the hibernation season.  I'll leave you with a few final "winter love" snapshots.

Ice skating in Central Park, NYC

Watching the snow pile up

DIY ice luminary (tutorial to come!)

May you all be staying warm and cheerful this winter's night!

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