Catch Me If You Can

I've had this one scene from Catch Me If You Can in my head these last few days. I know it isn't the happiest scene in the movie, and I don't mean to suggest that everyone else are "suckers" as Christopher Walken says. Because for 99% of the time we are just like the rest of them. We are grounded and tied to the earth by our work, responsibilities and our financial limitations. But now it's summer. And that means Evan can put his teaching career on hold for a couple of months and swap it out for some physical labor. His job of choice? Lugging bags at the airport! He loves being a rampy, and what can I say, it sure has it's perks.

First, there's the hot outfit:

Halloween 2012 - Menzies uniform + badge

Then there's the fun of playing with "wands"
Summer 2008 - Mesaba

And telling the big "birds" where to go
Summer 2008 - Mesaba

But the best perk of all ...

California, October 2012 - Menzies
getting our wings.

We're thrilled be back in the game this summer, taking advantage of the flight perks at Delta. Evan has been working 70 hours a week for the last month (teaching + airport) to make this happen, so it's time to start reaping the benefits. Tomorrow we're hitting the road ... err ... sky, somewhere, as yet to be determined. We've narrowed down our options based on weather and flight availability, but will likely be pulling up to the airport without knowing our final destination. Wish us luck! And don't be surprised if you find us on your doorstep sometime this summer. We can't wait to visit our family and friends around the country.

Cross check and all call.

Giddyup, let's go!


  1. We are all ready for you up here in AK!! crossing our fingers that the flights work out.

  2. Great post -- how about comin' out for papa day?

  3. Both those stops are on our list!


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