Just the Clothes on our Back

There's a certain pleasure in traveling light. It makes packing that much quicker, you don't have to worry about losing a checked bag, and you get to take a vacation from material possessions for a short while. Wearing the same shirt two days in a row? No biggie. Don't have the perfect cardigan for your outfit? You work with what ya got. This mentality has gradually been ingrained over the years and I have a distinct memory of my aunt joking when she showed up at our house that grandpa only let her pack a diaper bag. On our recent trip to New Jersey we decided to have a little fun and pack ultra light - because we could. Evan carried a backpack with a few clothing items, while I literally stepped on the plane with nothing but the clothes on my back (and some underwear, socks, and a swim suit in a backpack). That's the perk of flying home where your sisters still have closets full of cute clothes!
Travel Tip: If you only have carry-on at MSP, try checkpoint 10 and skip the lines
I wish I could say this was a surprise flight that I only announced once boarded the plane (how fun would that be?!), but it wasn't. The family knew we were coming. But I still get a rush every time they close the doors and we're officially sealed in the plane ready for takeoff.

Our weekend in New Jersey was quite eventful, per the usual Pearson style.

We enjoyed a beautiful day at the Jersey Shore (Ocean Grove!)




There was ice cream

Father's Day involved a bike ride in Mercer Meadows (who says we don't have nature in NJ?)

A little Father's Day chores

Quality time with da pup

Quality time with the family (I love this maxi dress of Sarah's!)

 Since we were leaving out of Newark we decided to head into NYC for a few hours beforehand. 

On-route to NYC - they went to a ballet!

We checked out the Freedom Tower and 9/11 Memorial

and wandered the streets in search of a falafel

We only had three days after returning from Alaska before we flew to NJ, so by the time we got back to Minnesota we were ready to be grounded for a while.

Where are YOU headed this summer? As much as I love to travel, it's always a treat to spend some quality time at home as well. Last weekend we were at the family cabin and today we're enjoying the 4th of July with a picnic and bike ride.

Wondering how we're flying standby this summer? Read about Evan's job at the airport here.

Summer 2013 Destinations:
(I have another post about Alaska coming soon!)

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