2013: Let's do the Numbers

It's 20 below zero in Minneapolis today and E and I are hunkering in and reminiscing on the past year, especially this sunny vista:

When I think back on 2013, the main word that comes to mind is travel. I laugh when I look at my planner, especially last summer, when we were home in Minnesota a total of two weekends. (Suffice it to say this took a toll on our house, and our sleep!) Before you ask I will tell you: no, we are not rich. As it turns out, you don't have to be wealthy to travel like you are. You just need a crazy husband (or be so yourself) who happens to love spending his free time throwing around 50-pound bags and hanging out in the belly of a plane.

Let me explain. Evan started working for the airport as a luggage handler this summer during his off-season from teaching. We spent the summer visiting family and friends and faraway lands thanks to the amazing Delta benefits, and when school came around again we couldn't bear to part with the perks, so on he continued into the fall while juggling his teaching schedule. "Let's just make it to fall break so we can take another trip," he said. But after that there was a short weekend jaunt to St. Louis for my 30th birthday and then of course our annual Christmas trip to New Jersey, so he kept holding out. Now that it's the new year he claims he can see the light at the end of the tunnel - summer. So onward we go! He's already working in sub-zero temps and it can't get any worse than that! It's been a heckuvayear and we're grateful we've been given this opportunity ... and I'm grateful I have a husband who's willing to work 60 hours a week to make it happen.

In typical Carolyn fashion, I've accumulated pages of notes and thoughts from our travels and some pretty crazy tales to share (caught in the worst storm of our lives, lost in Tuscany! on bikes!). And they'll make it to the page ... err blog ... eventually. But until then, I had a little fun going through old photos and finally putting these crazy stats together we've been tracking since the first flight last May.

Let's do the numbers!

 (Turns out we like to sleep on the plane, and the rest of the time we're usually planning the next leg of the trip)

 Carolyn. By herself. In a cheap motel. While Evan flew FIRST CLASS from Amsterdam. Not bitter at all, why do you ask?

We both turned 30 this past year, so I like to think of these travels as a way to keep us young and to remember, although there are definitely some amazing destinations along the way, when it comes down to it, life's all about that old cliche: enjoy the journey!

Summer 2013 Destinations:
New Jersey, Part 1 (and NYC)
Italy: Cinque Terre
Italy: Florence/Fiesole
Italy: Orvieto
Italy: Rome
NYC Day Trip
New Jersey, Part 2
North Carolina

Fall 2013 Destinations:
St. Louis, Part 2
New Jersey, Part 3
24 Hours in St. Louis
New Jersey for Christmas

Reflections on Travel:

Here's to more adventures in 2014!

Where did you travel in 2013? Or do you have a dream destination you're saving your pennies for? I've never been to Hawaii but Evan really wants to go back to Europe, so we'll see who wins the next coin toss!


  1. Wow -- makes my head spin -- amazing year. Glad you made it out to NJ so many times. The choice of photos and graphics were fun! Glad Max made it into the photos TWO times.

  2. Can't have a year of travel without a little quality Max time!


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