I believe that we leave a little bit of ourselves wherever we go. That way, the more we see the world and experience life, the more we have to miss. Most people would simply call this nostalgia, but I like thinking that we miss these places because a part of us has found a home there.

I'm happy knowing a part of me is in California, where I was born, in New Jersey, where I grew up, and in the Black Hills of South Dakota, where we visited family every summer. In more recent years Minnesota has become my official home, yet a part of me is also wandering through an olive grove in Italy, savoring aged cheese in Paris, getting lost on a bike in Amsterdam, exploring a castle in western Germany, and hiking through a sheep field in Ireland.

This blog is about travel and adventures and all the thoughts they inspire, but it is also about the other side to that coin that keeps my heart happy and full: home, and all the love and life that happens there.

I hope you will follow along on this journey.

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